Cornwall Bridge to Kent
Dirt Road Sections – Mountain Bike Required
Starting at Intersection of Rt. 7 and Rt. 4 on west side of the River.
0 0 R at SS onto Rt. 4 West This begins a long uphill.
2.5 2.5 L onto West Woods Rd #2  
0.7 3.2 BL onto South Ellsworth Rd This is a confusing Y type intersection!
0.7 3.9 R onto Modley Rd This is a one lane dirt road.
2.3 6.2 Modley Rd becomes Skiff Mountain Rd This Sharon – Kent Town line and pavement starts.
0.7 6.9 L onto North Kent Road This is a one lane dirt road. It looks like a driveway!
1.0 7.9 At “T” intersection, R onto River Road There is no stop or yield sign here. The Housatonic River is straight ahead.
2.6 10.5 BL onto Skiff Mt. Rd CAUTION! There is no stop sign or yield sign here for either road!
1.1 11.5 R at SS onto Rt. 341 Back on main Route. See first line of Kent to Bulls Bridge directions.