Alternatives again.  Route 7 South is the most direct way to Kent but the shoulders are minimal and the traffic can be fast.  Rt. 4 west involves a serious climb and some dirt roads that should not be attempted on a road bike.

Rt. 7 South – Main Route
This section of Rt. 7, the east side of the River, is rolling and has a few good views of the River. After you leave Cornwall Bridge, there is no place to stock up on supplies until you reach Kent.  The entrance to Kent Falls State Park will be on your left and is certainly worth a stop.  The Falls are only a short walk from the parking area – and there are rest rooms!  Another attraction along the way is the Sloane-Stanley Museum about 3 miles south of Kent Falls State Park.

Rt. 4 West – Option C
This option requires a mountain bike.  The steep one mile section of North Kent Road is challenging even on a mountain bike.  This option starts by going up Rt. 4 West, an unrelenting 2.5 mile climb.  The major consolation is that there is a decent shoulder almost the entire way and there are a few spots to stop and take in the views – or simply rest. Make a left onto West Woods Road No. 2.  Road signs are few along this stretch so be sure to check the map.  A left will put you onto South Ellsworth Road; the next turn is a right onto Modley Road, which is dirt. At the Sharon – Kent border, there is a short stretch of pavement – and Modley Road morphs into Skiff Mountain Road.  There are some great views across the Housatonic Valley.  As you come down the hill, bear to the left onto North Kent Road, a dirt road.  The entrance looks like someone’s driveway.  This is a tough, steep, rocky downhill section. Use extreme caution!  North Kent Road leads down to the aptly named River Road.   River Road re-joins Skiff Mountain Road for a paved run into Rt. 341.  This section of road is through part of the Kent School Campus.

A right will take you west along Rt. 341.  After about 4/10s of a mile make a left on Schaghticoke Road.

A left at Rt. 341 will take you into Kent Village.

Cue Sheet

R – Right Turn S – Straight BL – Bear Left
L – Left Turn TL – Traffic Light BR – Bear Right
SS – Stop Sign Y – Yield Sign

Distances are in miles and are approximate.
Total Distance measured from start in Ashley Falls and traveling south.

Cornwall Bridge to Kent
For Experienced Cyclists Used to Riding with Fast Moving Traffic
Less Experienced Cyclists with a Mountain Bike Should See Option C
0.26 19.3 BR onto Rt. 7 S Rt. 7 and Rt. 4 split here.
9.1 28.4 R onto Lane St This is in the center of Kent.
0.14 28.5 L onto Elizabeth St  
0.14 28.6 R at SS onto Rt. 341 Rt. 341 is Macedonia Road.

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Cornwall Bridge to Kent
Dirt Road Sections – Mountain Bike Required
Starting at Intersection of Rt. 7 and Rt. 4 on west side of the River.
0 0 R at SS onto Rt. 4 West This begins a long uphill.
2.5 2.5 L onto West Woods Rd #2  
0.7 3.2 BL onto South Ellsworth Rd This is a confusing Y type intersection!
0.7 3.9 R onto Modley Rd This is a one lane dirt road.
2.3 6.2 Modley Rd becomes Skiff Mountain Rd This Sharon – Kent Town line and pavement starts.
0.7 6.9 L onto North Kent Road This is a one lane dirt road. It looks like a driveway!
1.0 7.9 At “T” intersection, R onto River Road There is no stop or yield sign here. The Housatonic River is straight ahead.
2.6 10.5 BL onto Skiff Mt. Rd CAUTION! There is no stop sign or yield sign here for either road!
1.1 11.5 R at SS onto Rt. 341 Back on main Route. See first line of Kent to Bulls Bridge directions.