Let’s clear this up right from the start – West Cornwall is where the red Covered Bridge is; the same iconic covered bridge that you see in all the pictures of Northwest Con- necticut. The hamlet of Cornwall Bridge, on the other hand, has a perfectly, respectable, non-covered, bridge over the River. This non-covered bridge, by the way, affords great views up and down the River.

Leaving Falls Village you will travel along the Warren Turn- pike, a flat stretch of road, and then cross Rt. 7 onto Lime Rock Station Road. Lime Rock Station Road is paved for about a mile and then becomes a dirt road until the outskirts of West Cornwall. If you are careful and not in a hurry, this hard packed dirt road can be ridden on a skinny tired road bike. You will cross – and re-cross – the Housa- tonic Rail line five times on your way to West Cornwall. The rails are set at awkward angles to the road so they are tricky to cross. At the present time, the Railroad runs only a few slow moving freight trains per day along this stretch.

Except for a few scattered houses and fields, the area is heavily wooded along both sides of the River. And, aside from a few minor “bumps”, the road is flat. Stretches offer great views of the River. You will also get occasional glimpses of the traffic along Rt. 7 on the River’s west side.
Deans Ravine – About two miles from Rt. 7, there is Music Mountain Road on your left. About a mile up the Music Mountain Road – and we do mean up – there is a pull off for Dean’s Ravine, which has a series of waterfall.

Cue Sheet

R – Right Turn S – Straight BL – Bear Left
L – Left Turn TL – Traffic Light BR – Bear Right
SS – Stop Sign Y – Yield Sign

Distances are in miles and are approximate.
Total Distance measured from start in Ashley Falls and traveling south.

Falls Village to West Cornwall
Mix of Paved and Dirt Roads
Dirt Section Passable on a Road Bike
1.5 10.1 S at TL onto Lime Rock Station Road CAUTION – Road crosses railroad tracks multiple times at odd angles! SS at RR crossing. Lime Rock Station Road becomes River Road in Cornwall.

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