At the Rt. 44 intersection, it is decision time – dirt road or paved road. Regardless of which you choose, be careful on Rt. 44; along this part of Rt. 44, the cars and trucks really move.

For the dirt road section (Option A on the Cue Sheet), you should use a mountain bike or a hybrid with fat tires. Take a right along Rt. 44 for about a half mile and then a left onto Housatonic River Road. This 3.5 mile stretch on the west side of the River has two short steep climbs but it also has a nice downhill just before you reach Amesville. Roughly 2.9 miles from Rt. 44 – and just as you are about to start the downhill stretch – there is a hard to spot trail on your left leading to an overlook of the River’s Great Falls – definitely worth the stop.

If you opt for the paved road, make a right turn onto Rt. 44. After 3/10ths of mile make a right onto Rt. 126 just after you cross the bridge over the River; then make a quick right onto Boinay Hill Road. This short steep road take you to Sand Road, a lightly traveled road past farms and woods. Make a right onto Sand Road joins Rt. 126 for the stretch into Falls Village.

The couple of stores along Falls Village’s Main Street are your only opportunities to replenish your food and water between Ashley Falls and West Cornwall.

Cue Sheet

R – Right Turn S – Straight BL – Bear Left
L – Left Turn TL – Traffic Light BR – Bear Right
SS – Stop Sign Y – Yield Sign

Distances are in miles and are approximate.
Total Distance measured from start in Ashley Falls and traveling south.

Rt. 44 to Falls Village
All Paved Roads
See Option A for Alternate Route
0.8 4.3 L at SS onto Rt. 44 CAUTION – fast moving traffic!
0.03 4.3 L onto Rt. 126
0.03 4.3 L onto Boinay Hill Rd Short steep hill!
0.8 5.1 R at SS onto Sand Road
2.1 7.2 L at SS onto Rt. 126 Rt. 126 is Point of Rocks Rd. Railroad tracks immediately after turn.
1.4 8.6 S at SS Rt. 126 makes a left – stay straight
0.07 8.6 L at Y onto Sand Rd Go through the railroad underpass.
0.04 8.6 L onto Warren Turnpike Rd This is a QUICK Left!

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Rt. 44 to Falls Village
Mountain Bikes Recommended
Starting at Intersection of Twin Lakes Road and Rt. 44.
0 0 R at SS onto Rt. 44 CAUTION – fast moving traffic!
0.5 0.5 L onto Housatonic River Rd This road is dirt for approximately 2.5 miles
3.1 3.6 BL at SS  
0.4 4.0 L at SS on Dugway Rd  
0.03 4.0 S at SS Go over the one lane Blue Bridge
0.04 4.0 R onto Water Street  
0.3 4.3 R onto Warren Turnpike Rd Back on main route. See last line of Rt. 44 to Falls Village directions.